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New to Influencing? Find the most important guides to get you up and running here.

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What can I achieve in Influencing?

Discover the features and benefits of using Influencing

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Navigating around Influencing

How to find your way away Influencing

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Managing your account

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Influencing Home Page

Understanding, managing and using your Influencing home page

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Managing Your Companies

Set up your company or if you're using an agency account learn how to create new ones

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Searching for Influencers

How to find the right contacts for your story

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Managing contact lists

Save your searches as lists and set criteria to help keep them up to date.

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The most powerful and simple way to distribute your announcements and releases.

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Managing Enquiries

You can use Influencing to manage and report on your media and influencer enquiries

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Editorial Opportunities

Find editorial opportunities relevant to your stories

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Media Monitoring

Keep track of your company or any topic you like with Influencing media monitoring

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Social Monitoring & Engagement

Social media capabilities is embedded into every part of Influencing's platform.

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Reporting & Analytics

Influencing's powerful analytics let you export, chart and report on all of your work

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